About Life Coaching

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The following are answers to questions commonly asked about the life coaching process.  If you have additional questions, please contact me so we can chat!

Who can benefit from personal development coaching?

Personal development coaching is for anyone who wants a change.  This includes a change in career, lifestyle, habits and more.  For instance, in the past few years, some of my clients have successfully…

  • Left unfulfilling careers and opened businesses
  • Changed professions or employers (sometimes after many years of discontentment)
  • Increased in confidence after a break-up and started dating again
  • Found new love
  • Learned to set healthy boundaries and value themselves
  • Become skilled at reframing negative thought patterns
  • Accomplished goals they had been procrastinating about for years, such as organizing their home, losing weight, enrolling in school, training for a half-marathon, and more.

What happens during the coaching process?

First, we start with a 60-minute complimentary telephone call.  This gives us an opportunity to build a rapport, talk about your coaching needs, and discuss the coaching process.

Then, we will schedule your Discovery Session.

During the two-hour Discovery Session, we will create a precise vision for your coaching experience. We will clarify what you want from coaching and map out our work together.  We will also identify your values, explore your strengths and abilities, and consider the limiting beliefs and obstacles that are in your way.

After the Discovery Session, then it’s full speed ahead!

Throughout our work together, I will help you consider and utilize your gifts and talents.

We will pinpoint any negative thought patterns and habits that might be slowing down your progress and create new ones that support what you want for your life. 

Finally, we will develop an action plan.  We will breakdown your goals into manageable steps.  I will be with you every step of the way! I will provide you with the encouragement, support and accountability necessary to succeed.

Each new accomplishment will boost your confidence and ignite your momentum.  The coaching experience will help you to feel renewed and excited about your life!

How long do people generally work with a coach?

Coaching is a very individualized process, and so the length of time needed to work together varies.  Generally speaking, to fully experience the effectiveness of a coaching program, an initial three-month commitment is necessary. This provides time to develop a trusting relationship with me as your coach, gain clarity about what you would like to achieve, and begin working on your action plan. 

What is expected from the coaching client?

To be successful, you must be fully invested in the coaching process.

This means being…

  • Open-minded and willing to try new things.
  • Diligent in completing assignments in-between sessions.  These might include brainstorming, written assignments, reading, lifestyle/habit changes or anything else that will help you progress towards your goals.
  • Willing to communicate honestly and directly.
  • Consistent with attendance and timely with payments.

How is coaching different from therapy or counseling?

While life coaching is supportive, it is not therapy or any other type of mental health care.  Coaching is distinct from therapy or counseling because it is not designed to address psychological issues.  Coaching is not intended to be a replacement for counseling, psychiatric interventions or treatment for mental illness or substance abuse.  The primary focus of coaching is to help you identify your goals, achieve them and develop constructive habits and skills.  It is to help you create the life you want!

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