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This is what clients are saying about Personal Development and Empowerment Coach Tracy Baranauskas, founder of Moving Forward Life Coaching:

"I want to express my sincere thanks to Tracy for all her help this past year.  Her life coaching has helped me gain the confidence to achieve my goals and jump start my new career.  Her insight and knowledge have been extremely valuable to my growth as a person and a professional.  I am very grateful." Mark B.

"Tracy has been instrumental in helping me plan and implement goals. With her help, I have improved my ability to stay on track with these. I feel so much better about myself because of the accomplishments I’ve made since she helped me. Thank you Tracy!" Darlene D.

"Tracy has been a blessing and lifeline for me over the last three years.  Her coaching has been very supportive and understanding in regards to problems like having boundaries in my life and making better choices.  Tracy keeps me on track in dealing with my professional life too.  'Moving Forward' was the right choice for her business name.  It fits perfectly.  Thanks to Tracy’s guidance, I am in control of my life instead of life controlling me." Donna K.

"Working with Tracy has been wonderful!  She has helped me to realize there's a better way to speak to the family members I want to help, and also to think about me.  She knows her stuff! I would recommend her to everybody!" Tammy W.

“When faced with several life challenges all at once, I realized I needed a life coach.  Tracy was there with me on staying focused and reaching my goals through it all.  She is honest and has high standards.  By working with Tracy, I had the clarity and calmness needed to achieve success.” Deb A. 

"I met Tracy over 3 years ago, and she supported me during the darkest time of my life. She accepted me, my faults and my bad choices, and helped me to see my self-worth was the most important thing in the world. With her coaching, I learned to put myself first, instead of last, like I had done my entire life. Today, I am happy. I have made significant changes in my life, and it would have NEVER happened if it wasn't for her guiding me. My life has significantly changed and it is because of Tracy." Tammy S.

"I really believe that Tracy was born to do this.  Her passionate optimism mixes well with her natural assertiveness, encouraging her clients to see their own talents and pursue them.  She makes me feel so comfortable and she's helping me see that some things that seem impossible just need a second look.  I encourage anyone in search of a new direction to reach out to her!" Athena P.

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"From the very first phone call I had with Tracy, I could tell that she was someone I could trust.  As a coach, she has a way of maintaining that fine balance between encouraging a client and keeping that client on task and accountable when it comes to goals.  I can happily say that she has helped me immensely with my professional development, and that it is a pleasure to work with her." Dale K.

"I have been working with Tracy for a few months now and can tell you she is an experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate coach.  She has the ability to ask probing questions in a disarming manner which allowed me to look deep within myself to discover the issues I needed to deal with.  She is very encouraging, yet she also provides a measure of accountability which helps keep me on track.  I highly recommend Tracy to anyone seeing the assistance of a life coach." Chris M.

"Working thus far with Tracy has been a very positive experience. She works hard at developing a method of engagement and can, therefore, explore one's major concerns and start developing a plan of action that helps individuals follow their dreams. Tracy's talent and passion for helping are displayed in your first meeting with her. I recommend her highly." John P.

"I found Tracy at a time in my life where I was so unhappy because I felt stuck in my (now former) job. Thanks to her guidance and expertise, I have recently started a new chapter in my life and it feels great to have the 'happy me' back again. I am forever grateful for Tracy. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anybody!" Lindsay D.

"Because of Tracy's professionalism, experience, dedication and compassion, I am now actually moving forward instead of doing circles. Working with her has been an absolute joy.  Her sense of humor is refreshing and her guidance, direct.  She's inspired me to dig deep and be the 'me' I once left behind.  I highly recommend her to anyone dealing with a family member struggling with mental illness or to anyone wanting to make positive changes in his/her own life.  Her insight is amazing. I am so thankful to have met her.  If anyone can help another move forward, it's Tracy" Tam P.

"I find Tracy to be one of the most devoted, kind-hearted and knowledgeable coaching professionals in the area." Steven H.

"Sometimes we all need a coach! I'd never sought a counselor or coach before, but when my job was suddenly eliminated, I knew I needed guidance in my next career search. Tracy is patient and supportive. She doesn't push; she encourages. Her insights helped me refine my career goals. I'm very happy that our paths crossed. I look forward to keeping in touch as I start my new career." Kelly D.

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